Voted Teacher Of The Year in
Southwest Florida in
1999 and 2016

Welcome to Dennis Meyer's Golf School, located in the beautiful Naples, Florida. We believe each person's swing is a unique motion and requires a great deal of individual attention. Our goal is not to reconstruct your golf swing, but more importantly to improve the swing you already have, making you a more complete and effective golfer. Regardless of your level of play, there is a program here to help your game. 

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Dennis Meyer grew up in Dubuque Iowa and started playing as a young kid under the guidance of his dad Willie Meyer, an accomplished golfer in his own rite. Turning professional in 1977, he has enjoyed success as an instructor as well as competing in various Local, Section and National Tournaments. Dennis studied under some of the top Teaching Professonals in the world including: Hank Haney, David Leadbetter, and Dr. Jim Suttie. He has also had the honor of  teaching LPGA Tour Professionals, PGA Club Professionals, Top Amateurs and Juniors in SW Florida throughout the years. 


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