Q:What makes Dennis Meyer's Golf School different from other golf schools?
A:Unlike most schools, we work on a 3 students to 1 professional ratio. This allows for more individual attention. Also, our instruction is personalized and designed for the individual.
Q:Do we have to stay at your hotels?
A: No, we have a commuter rate for those students who have their own accommodations.
Q:Will you change my entire swing?
A:No, we reassure our students that we will not reconstruct their swings, but more importantly improve the swing they already have.
Q:What will the instructor cover?
A:Although our instruction will be tailored to the individual's needs, some of the areas that will be covered are swing, putting, chipping, pitching, sand play, trouble shots, golf course etiquette, and golf course management.
Q:What equipment should I bring with me to the golf school?
A:We recommend that you bring your golf clubs, golf shoes, rain suit or rain jacket, and umbrella. If you need rental clubs, they will be available at a nominal charge.
Q:How much improvement can I expect after attending your golf school?
A:Results will vary with each student, depending on the amount of dedication and practice time they put forth.
Q:What if I need to cancel?
A:Should you need to reschedule your reservation, there is no charge. If you should cancel more than 14 days in advance you will be charged 50% of your deposit or $100 per person. If you cancel within 14 days and not reschedule you will forfeit your entire tuition.
Q:What if it rains?
A:We recommend that you bring your rain suit or rain jacket. (In case of a downpour, we will stop). If we miss instruction due to rain we will give you credit towards another school for the days missed.

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